A Life in Pictures

I have a few New Year’s resolutions. One that I’m most excited about is taking a picture every day and sharing it with you all.

First picture. I call it “Every Day is a Winding Road”.


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Happy Christmas!

Pretty bow by ads1204
Pretty bow, a photo by ads1204 on Flickr.

I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and holidays in general. I had a great weekend with my friends and family. I hope you all did as well!

Joyeux Noel.

Thanks for the Memories

Oddly enough, I’m not listening to Fall Out Boy. Though there’s no saying that it won’t come up on shuffle, I made the above statement for a different reason.

Today is, obviously, Thanksgiving. We had our family dinner at my cousin’s house, and I’ve been looking forward to the food (that is now sitting in my stomach like a rock) for a week. But before we ate, my grandmother said a prayer. I didn’t get to hear much of it. Usually, we go around the circle and all say what we’re thankful. We didn’t do that this year. So, because I can’t share it with my family personally, I’d like to share what I’m thankful for with everyone reading.

1. My parents and family. They’re always supporting everything I do, and loving me for wanting to do it. I’m so happy I have the parents that I do, and my quirky sisters too. I love them all to pieces.

2. Having a healthy body. Though I have sporadic hiccups and I know I can always improve my shape, I have no health problems or concerns. I have a low chance of getting cancer, and the eating habits of my family have made it so I can enjoy life without being limited by my body.

3. All of my friends. I’ve made so many good friends this year, and I’ve realized the kind of people I like to be around because of them. I have so much fun with them and I hope that they have fun with me.

4. My location. Recently I’ve been thinking about the various turmoil occurring in other countries, and I realized just how lucky we are to live where we do as people of the United States. Yes, we have a crappy economy and jacked up priorities, but in reality, we are so, so privileged.

5. Music. I would not be who I am without it. That’s all there is to it.

6. The ability to read. At the moment I’m learning French, and I’ve realized how much we take for granted knowing how to read once you’ve been submerged in an environment where you can read a very small quantity.

7. All of the good times that I’ve had. Sometimes, memories are the best things someone can give you. You can lose pictures, gifts and Facebook posts, but you can never lose a memory if it’s dear to you.

8. Lastly, I am thankful for opportunity. The opportunity to do what I dream of doing, the opportunity to love people, the opportunity to experience life and its wonderful beings.

Take a second to think about what you’re thankful for, and remember moments you’ve had with your family that you may forget later on. You may realize some things about yourself.

Happy turkey day.



This week has been going really well. Yesterday, we went to a place called Bear Lake (which is about two miles up in the mountains), and saw some really rare animals called “pine martins”. Most people who live in Estes Park see these maybe once in a lifetime if they’re lucky. They look like a cross between a squirrel and a fox, and are small and slim. I got some adorable pictures.

After that, we chilled out for a bit at home, then went to dinner and souvenir shopping. We then saw the famous (in Estes Park of course) Cowboy Brad, then got ice cream. I got some great pictures.

Today, we went to the Alluvial Fan. It’s a really beautiful waterfall that’s actually a broken dam from a lake on the top of a mountain. When it first broke, it flooded the entire city of Estes Park. It’s still pouring down to this day. You have the opportunity to climb this waterfall, which we of course did. It had gorgeous scenery and beautiful plant-life. I got some fantastic pictures.

Now when we were done with all of that, the first thing Iestes park mountains wanted to do was look through my pictures. They all turned out pretty darn good for a snapshot camera. And since we still had four days left, I checked my memory so I would have enough room for the pictures I would take for the rest of the week. To my utter dismay, disappointment, and any other synonymous word, I accidentally reformatted my memory card. Those adorable, great, fantastic pictures… were gone. I was devastated and fuming at the ears because of my stupidity.

So, moral of the story; screw camera memory. When your camera says its full, delete some pictures. Just don’t….don’t… DON’T mess with the card settings unless you know exactly what you’re doing. I mean it.

Also, during the next four days, I have to go retake a bunch of pictures so you readers will enjoy the posts of the last few days and this one too. (If you didn’t realize this, I wrote these posts a while before I published them, due to lack of internet in the mountains.) Wish me luck!


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Beautiful Things (7/22/11)

I love art.

It’s a simple sentence, but it goes a longway. Everything, in its own way, is a piece of art. Anything that has ever been designed, captured on film, or admired by somebody is in fact art.

As I sit in the backseat on the drive to Estes Park, Colorado, I think back to the sketch book I placed in my backpack this morning. I sometimes wish I could just think of something completely new and put it on paper, but then I think to myself that the things that tend to be the most beautiful are the things that already exist. And my goal with my sketchpad and pencils or watercolors is to capture that beauty to the best of my ability. Because a mountain or waterfall is nature’s art, I’m hoping to capture that sometime this week.

That was my hope until I realized I forgot pencils. Sigh.


New Stuff Coming

Hello readers, young and old-

I have spent almost 3 months without posting. This is a SIN. BUT, you may be happy to know that I have actually written many posts, just not put them up yet. The posts from my summer will be coming in spurts, shortly. Enjoy!


Hey guys!

So lately I’ve been thinking my site is a little too dark, and it’s hard to look at dark things for a long period of time. So I’m going to be doing some “remodeling/reorganizing” of my site, I’m sorry if you come and it looks a little weird! I’ll do the best I can.

Thanks for understanding!



The Void In My Heart

Good afternoon all! (Or if you’re reading this at another time, insert appropriate greeting here)

Once again, life has been clouded with business, so I haven’t had a lot of opportunity to post. But here goes!

I’ve been a Harry Potter freak since I was about 4 years old, according to my mother. I remember falling asleep to my mom reading The Sorcerer’s Stone in her different voices, barely comprehending what was going on. But after a little bit of reading, I began to understand the whole gist of things. Harry was magical! And he brought a new dimension to my imagination. I feel I’ve learned something from each lead character… bravery and self-respect from Harry, a love for learning from Hermione, and a little bit of self-acceptance from Ron. Comfort from Dumbledore. But overall, the first few Harry Potter’s were inspiring. They made me think about all the impossible things that could happen to me as I grow older.


As I grew older, I became more and more completely OBSESSED with the series. You have no idea. I read the series 6 times, knew every spell, and could tell you the answer to any question you asked. I had (and HAVE) an emotional attachment to the story. As every movie came out, I would be mad at the way it was made because I remembered every detail they left out, or visualized it differently.

When the last part of the 7th movie came out this Friday, I was more excited then I’ve been about any of the movies. I went as Luna Lovegood, I was on TV showing off my costume, and I was with other (almost) equally obsessed friends. We waited outside our theatre for FOUR hours before the midnight showing. And when it started, I fell into a mesmerized trance. I laughed, cried (three times), cheered, and reminisced on how this series had affected me so

much. I remembered reading every moment in the same mood, and became very sad that this was the conclusion. And at the end, it was even worse. I felt 11 years of my life floating before my eyes… Harry Potter… had ended. There were so many fond memories tied to it. I felt depressed. I still do have a twinge of remorse for all that was ending. (Not to MENTION the Space Shuttle program ending two days before). It’s almost difficult for me to converse about the movie with anyone after the fact… it’s very difficult actually.


But though there is a void in my heart as of now, Harry Potter will always be with me. Sounds corny, doesn’t it? But it’s so true. Every moment, every book, every character, I love them all. I’ll always be able to listen to those fantastic soundtracks and see those scenes over and over again in my head. And though I wish there were more, we fans couldn’t have asked for a better conclusion. Ended with a bang.








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Florence + the Machine

Ok, so I’ve been getting into a lot more indie-rock style music. It really gets me in a happy mood when I listen to it. One of the artists that I’ve really started liking is Florence + the Machine. With 70’s style lead singer Florence Welch (who, of course, is a redhead), every song gives you a happy or mysterious feeling. Ukeleles, synthesizers, African drums, pianos, and pretty much any instrument you can think of is used to create this retro style of music. I love it. Her most popular song is “The Dog Days Are Over”, and it was the song that I first heard that got me into her music. Some other songs I enjoy are “I’m Not Calling You a Liar”, and “Heavy in Your Arms”. If you like retro and indie stuff, Florence + the Machine is the artist for you!


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Rocket Scientists ROCK

This weekend I went to the championship for the First Robotics League. We went to the semifinals in our division! I’m so proud of my team.

When I was there, I good friend of mine went to a company booth (Time Warner Cable) and grabbed me an awesome t-shirt! I wore it today while I presented about the space race, I think it fit the mood PERFECTLY. 

My friend Zac was so kind as to take this picture and more today! He’s a really good photographer, I think you might be hearing more about him later! Here’s another shot he took of me today that cracked me up.

Overall I’m really happy I’m into science and robotics, it’s perfect for me. Fun stuff! And of course… there are benefits too. I saw Morgan Freeman…. 20 FEET AWAY FROM ME! And Will.I.Am, Fergie, all the other Black Eyed Peas, Willow Smith, Dean Kamen, and of course the always awesome Woody Flowers. I got a double high-five from him, that made my weekend.

Rocket scientists ROCK… especially when they meet Morgan Freeman!