About Me

Here’s how you pronounce it: (chel)(uh)(dell)

I’m Adele. Pretty much everyone calls me Adee (daddy without the “d”). I’m a vegan, I love fashion, I have a LOT of creative energy, I work at a cupcake shop called “In the Middle Cupcakes” close to my house, and I play the cello. My dream is to become like Yo-Yo Ma, touring the world playing music and moving people. I figured out that though this will be super tough, it’s my calling. I’d also consider myself a bit of a composer.

I’m a staggering height of 5’3″. And that’s where I’m staying! I’ve come to terms with being “short”, and I kinda like it. My hair is currently all chopped off, and I absolutely love it.

My reason for writing this blog is to tell people the journey I’m on. Whether that be with music, food, fitness, work, fashion, or just life in general, I hope to inspire people.


One thought on “About Me

  1. Anonymous says:

    Like following your blog. Keep it up. Post pics of that chopped off hair, too, please! 😀 we’d like to see that

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