This week has been going really well. Yesterday, we went to a place called Bear Lake (which is about two miles up in the mountains), and saw some really rare animals called “pine martins”. Most people who live in Estes Park see these maybe once in a lifetime if they’re lucky. They look like a cross between a squirrel and a fox, and are small and slim. I got some adorable pictures.

After that, we chilled out for a bit at home, then went to dinner and souvenir shopping. We then saw the famous (in Estes Park of course) Cowboy Brad, then got ice cream. I got some great pictures.

Today, we went to the Alluvial Fan. It’s a really beautiful waterfall that’s actually a broken dam from a lake on the top of a mountain. When it first broke, it flooded the entire city of Estes Park. It’s still pouring down to this day. You have the opportunity to climb this waterfall, which we of course did. It had gorgeous scenery and beautiful plant-life. I got some fantastic pictures.

Now when we were done with all of that, the first thing Iestes park mountains wanted to do was look through my pictures. They all turned out pretty darn good for a snapshot camera. And since we still had four days left, I checked my memory so I would have enough room for the pictures I would take for the rest of the week. To my utter dismay, disappointment, and any other synonymous word, I accidentally reformatted my memory card. Those adorable, great, fantastic pictures… were gone. I was devastated and fuming at the ears because of my stupidity.

So, moral of the story; screw camera memory. When your camera says its full, delete some pictures. Just don’t….don’t… DON’T mess with the card settings unless you know exactly what you’re doing. I mean it.

Also, during the next four days, I have to go retake a bunch of pictures so you readers will enjoy the posts of the last few days and this one too. (If you didn’t realize this, I wrote these posts a while before I published them, due to lack of internet in the mountains.) Wish me luck!


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