Beautiful Things (7/22/11)

I love art.

It’s a simple sentence, but it goes a longway. Everything, in its own way, is a piece of art. Anything that has ever been designed, captured on film, or admired by somebody is in fact art.

As I sit in the backseat on the drive to Estes Park, Colorado, I think back to the sketch book I placed in my backpack this morning. I sometimes wish I could just think of something completely new and put it on paper, but then I think to myself that the things that tend to be the most beautiful are the things that already exist. And my goal with my sketchpad and pencils or watercolors is to capture that beauty to the best of my ability. Because a mountain or waterfall is nature’s art, I’m hoping to capture that sometime this week.

That was my hope until I realized I forgot pencils. Sigh.


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