The Void In My Heart

Good afternoon all! (Or if you’re reading this at another time, insert appropriate greeting here)

Once again, life has been clouded with business, so I haven’t had a lot of opportunity to post. But here goes!

I’ve been a Harry Potter freak since I was about 4 years old, according to my mother. I remember falling asleep to my mom reading The Sorcerer’s Stone in her different voices, barely comprehending what was going on. But after a little bit of reading, I began to understand the whole gist of things. Harry was magical! And he brought a new dimension to my imagination. I feel I’ve learned something from each lead character… bravery and self-respect from Harry, a love for learning from Hermione, and a little bit of self-acceptance from Ron. Comfort from Dumbledore. But overall, the first few Harry Potter’s were inspiring. They made me think about all the impossible things that could happen to me as I grow older.


As I grew older, I became more and more completely OBSESSED with the series. You have no idea. I read the series 6 times, knew every spell, and could tell you the answer to any question you asked. I had (and HAVE) an emotional attachment to the story. As every movie came out, I would be mad at the way it was made because I remembered every detail they left out, or visualized it differently.

When the last part of the 7th movie came out this Friday, I was more excited then I’ve been about any of the movies. I went as Luna Lovegood, I was on TV showing off my costume, and I was with other (almost) equally obsessed friends. We waited outside our theatre for FOUR hours before the midnight showing. And when it started, I fell into a mesmerized trance. I laughed, cried (three times), cheered, and reminisced on how this series had affected me so

much. I remembered reading every moment in the same mood, and became very sad that this was the conclusion. And at the end, it was even worse. I felt 11 years of my life floating before my eyes… Harry Potter… had ended. There were so many fond memories tied to it. I felt depressed. I still do have a twinge of remorse for all that was ending. (Not to MENTION the Space Shuttle program ending two days before). It’s almost difficult for me to converse about the movie with anyone after the fact… it’s very difficult actually.


But though there is a void in my heart as of now, Harry Potter will always be with me. Sounds corny, doesn’t it? But it’s so true. Every moment, every book, every character, I love them all. I’ll always be able to listen to those fantastic soundtracks and see those scenes over and over again in my head. And though I wish there were more, we fans couldn’t have asked for a better conclusion. Ended with a bang.








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