Florence + the Machine

Ok, so I’ve been getting into a lot more indie-rock style music. It really gets me in a happy mood when I listen to it. One of the artists that I’ve really started liking is Florence + the Machine. With 70’s style lead singer Florence Welch (who, of course, is a redhead), every song gives you a happy or mysterious feeling. Ukeleles, synthesizers, African drums, pianos, and pretty much any instrument you can think of is used to create this retro style of music. I love it. Her most popular song is “The Dog Days Are Over”, and it was the song that I first heard that got me into her music. Some other songs I enjoy are “I’m Not Calling You a Liar”, and “Heavy in Your Arms”. If you like retro and indie stuff, Florence + the Machine is the artist for you!


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One thought on “Florence + the Machine

  1. Marly says:

    I love eclectic music too. I was curious how you found out about this group. I have to add that I like her name too. Florence. You don’t hear that one much anymore. I wonder if they call her Flo for short?

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