Rocket Scientists ROCK

This weekend I went to the championship for the First Robotics League. We went to the semifinals in our division! I’m so proud of my team.

When I was there, I good friend of mine went to a company booth (Time Warner Cable) and grabbed me an awesome t-shirt! I wore it today while I presented about the space race, I think it fit the mood PERFECTLY. 

My friend Zac was so kind as to take this picture and more today! He’s a really good photographer, I think you might be hearing more about him later! Here’s another shot he took of me today that cracked me up.

Overall I’m really happy I’m into science and robotics, it’s perfect for me. Fun stuff! And of course… there are benefits too. I saw Morgan Freeman…. 20 FEET AWAY FROM ME! And Will.I.Am, Fergie, all the other Black Eyed Peas, Willow Smith, Dean Kamen, and of course the always awesome Woody Flowers. I got a double high-five from him, that made my weekend.

Rocket scientists ROCK… especially when they meet Morgan Freeman!


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