My Style Inspiration

Ok, so pretty much every girl likes clothes. And every girl has a style. Sometimes you gotta change it up a bit. But that can be a bit difficult.

For some reason, I think I’m somewhat lured to redheads. For a long time my inspiration has been Hayley Williams of Paramore, a woman with a tiny body, booming voice, and GREAT hair. Always a different shade of orange, pink, blond, or red.

As she’s gotten older, her style has evolved a little bit, and I love seeing what crazy outfit or hairstyle she’ll wear next. Band t-shirts, layered hair, and skinny jeans tend to be her attire, and it’s been pretty practical for me for the last few years. It was comfortable, fun, coming into the mainstream, and pretty safe if you kept to the traditional. She’s taught me to be different, I must say, even though I’ve lived and breathed for as long as I’ve liked Paramore. Every haircut since 2008 has been modeled after hers, and this year I tried three different shades of red (all which have been a fiasco). Though completely adorable and 5 foot 2 (I’m 5’3), I’ll always love her style, but I think I’m starting to move on a bit.

But lately there’s been a change in lifestyle, age, school, friends, and goals for me. I’ve become more natural and wanted to establish a fresh and fun me.

I’ve started getting into Urban Outfitters and Modcloth and such, an Indie flair. One day I was messing around on Facebook, and clicked on a link that said “boUtique”, where you could enter in what your style was and they would suggest certain articles of clothing for you according to the brands you liked and such. On the sidebar there were some inspiration pictures, and my eye was drawn to a girl with crazy amazing red billowy curly hair. It lead me to a site called “weardrobe” and she had a bunch of adorable pictures of her in adorable outfits. I instantly fell in love. With her puppy, her hair, AND her style. 😉 I then figured out that she had a blog, so I was hyped. The first post I saw was one where I figured out I had identical sunglasses to hers. And so on and so forth, I couldn’t stop looking and admiring and looking and admiring. I’m completely inspired. I haven’t found a single thing on her site that I don’t just love. My hair is naturally curly too, so I decided that after my next haircut, I’m done straightening for a year or two and I’m letting it get that luscious big curl. Check out her site at

So I’m inspired to get out of my boring style, so maybe try getting out of yours. Do you what you want, wear what you want.


One thought on “My Style Inspiration

  1. Marly says:

    Love her hair – it’s adorable. Love that you’re wearing more curls too. It looks great on you!

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