Rainy Day- The Trees

There’s this very tall tree at the end of our street, and during the summer it’s just full of leaves. It’s colossal. When it was raining, there was a sky behind it that made the tree just “POP”. I got some cool pictures, and used some really weird effects to make it look intimidating and creepy.
With this one I boosted the tint to -100, giving it kind of a pinkish/reddish hue. I like the plum tone.
This one- I did literally nothing to. Still pretty cool though, if I do say so myself.
This picture took me a while to get the color how I wanted it. I tweaked the contrast a bit, to about -20, boosted the saturation a little, completely raised the defintion, made the highlights to their max, boosted the shadows, de-noised it half way, then put the temperature (which gives it the orange color) at 100%. Kind of like a Neon Tree, huh? I personally like how it looks, not sure if anyone else does though. But it’s MY art. 🙂



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