Doodle Jump

Everybody’s got their stupid obsessions. Mine happens to be on my iPod; it’s an app called “Doodle Jump”. There’s actually warning on the title that says “BE WARNED: Insanely  Addictive!” Well, they weren’t lying.

This is the title page. When you open the app, this appears. From there you can swipe the bottom of the screen and choose your mode. There are a few different versions, such as underwater, soccer, original, jungle, halloween, christmas, and space. My personal favorite is soccer.

The goal of the game is to get as high as possible, and there is virtually no end. All you really have to do is turn the iPod and the doodle will react to how you turn, but it jumps by itself. I find the “doodle” to be insanely adorable. When he jumps, he tucks his little feet (all four of them) into his torso like a spring. Gets me every time. 🙂

So if you have an iPod touch, and have a little spare time on your hands to get addicted for a bit, I would try this. It’s pretty entertaining. If you beat my score of 34,164, let me know.

It’ll be on.


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