The Rocket Park

I must say, Space Camp this year was a blast. Complete with sims (simulators), rockets, and a few games of ninja (as portrayed below), this was definitely an AMAZING year.

I also got some really great pictures this year as well. One being of a larger rocket in the U.S. Space and Rocket Center “Rocket Park”, the Saturn 1-B. It’s 224 feet tall, and could carry three men. It was meant to carry people to the moon, but did not succeed in making the full mission.

The Saturn 1-B is by far not the tallest rocket in the park, that’s the Saturn V.

The Saturn V (pronounced Saturn Five) has three stages. It is over 350 tall, and could carry only three men. But it carried those men to the moon. No other rocket on this planet has carried people to the moon.

At the front entrance to Space Camp, there’s the Pathfinder Space Shuttle. This never flew, but it does have an actual SRB (Solid Rocket Booster) on it’s right side.

These are all the miscellaneous rockets that were used earlier in the Space Program, such as the Mercury Redstone, Juno, the Atlas, and many others. Some of them were only about 75 feet tall.

Last but not least, there’s something a little different from a rocket. It’s 150 feet tall, it’s straight up and down, it’s in the rocket park… heck, it even gives you two seconds of weightlessness. But alas, it is NOT a rocket. It’s a ride.

It’s SPACE SHOT! (which is basically like the Detonator at Worlds of Fun) What a rush. And a view. It’s quite amazing to be “eye to eye” with the Saturn V.

Hope you enjoyed seeing the things that bring me great joy in life:) I love rockets. I really do.


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