Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I love musicals. Loved em’ for a REALLY long time 😉 (aka probably since I’ve watched movies). A musical that has stood out to me the past few weeks particularly, though I’ve seen it many times, is Rent. A story about poor New Yorkers, most artists, and most battling AIDS or HIV. The story alone is extremely inspiring, especially the character Angel. She (he) has AIDS, but she always seems to look at the bright side and enjoy life, and tries to get other people to enjoy it as well. I think we could all learn something from Angel.

Now the music.

The music… is phenomenal. The most known song from Rent is Seasons of Love. I must say this song is my favorite, though all are VERY good. I would recommend a bit of caution though, there is a bit of foul language and mature content. Like I said, there are touchy subjects like AIDS/HIV, homosexuality, and drug use. But the main theme of this musical is what really stands out about it, and the music tops it off. You can rent the movie pretty much anywhere, and that’s what I’m addicted to at the moment. The soundtrack (both Broadway and movie version) is on iTunes.

I hope you enjoy it if you do end up listening to the music or renting the movie.


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3 thoughts on “Rent

  1. Marly says:

    I agree with you. I love this musical because it’s not the typical music and definitely not the typical voices. That makes it all the more enjoyable. Can’t wait to see it with you…again!

  2. hello, i ended up on your site quite a few times now, and i wanted to ask if I could get the new entries to my email? do you have a subscription form of any kind for the website so I can put my email to it

    • aditty says:

      that’s awesome! if you go to my sidebar where all the stats and recent posts are, there’s an area where you can write your email and get subscribed. thanks for reading!


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