My Art this Year.

Hey everybody!

Sorry for the delay, it’s been pretty busy lately! Working out, hanging out, going out, you know how it goes in the summer.

In my previous school year (meaning just a month or two ago), I took Art. You could call it advanced art, in fact, but I’m not trying to gloat.

This year we did a variety of projects, using a variety of different supplies and techniques.

Our first project was a letter design, using any one of our initials as a theme. Mine, of course, was A.

We used a lot of cool techniques with this project. Some included using graded value (making something look 3D),  stippling (using a fine tip sharpie to make small dots differently spaced so it looks like value), and scratchboards (center square, a black board that has white paper underneath that can be scratched to make a pattern). My two favorites were stippling and the scratchboard. (stippling- bottom left, scratchboard, top right)

Another project we did was a still life. This, by far, took me the longest to do, because pasta knows I am a VERY slow artist when it comes to sketching and shading. But I do think that this was my best work all year.

This took me about three months all in all, and it could get pretty frustrating at times. One thing that I am particularly proud of on this project is the suede on the bottom of the right boot.

I figured out how to do this all by myself, and I’ve been so happy ever since!

The trick is to use a very soft leaded pencil. I personally prefer 9XXB’s, which are about as soft as you can get. It’s also a very wide piece of lead, so you can get the right look for a larger section of suede.

Press the side of the pencil lightly against your paper, and shade. After that, take a blending tool and blend lightly, and you get…. suede! (I really love this picture)

I had one or two more projects this year, but alas, I accidentally forgot them at school on the last day. I’ll try and get a hold of it at some point.

Today, I journeyed across the highway to go to Hobby Lobby, because I wanted some new supplies. I had a watercolor pad to start with, but I had no sufficient watercolors! So I returned home with two 9XXB pencils, two blending sticks, a set of watercolors, and a HUGE set of paintbrushes.

With all of this, my plan is to fulfill #2 on my Hypothetical Plan for the Summer list sometime in the next week! I’ve got everything I need.

Creativity… is the key.


2 thoughts on “My Art this Year.

  1. Sandra says:

    I love it!! I wish I could make art like that! I think I’ll just still with the music. 🙂

  2. Marly says:

    I love these pics. I wish they could be hanging on the wall. Let’s make that happen!

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