Poking Put-Downs at Prince of Persia

Yesterday, my friend and I decided to go see a movie. We decided on Prince of Persia- one, because it was the only movie out that looked at least halfway decent that we hadn’t seen yet, and two, it was about the only movie that worked with ourschedules. So, here’s our commentary during most of the middle of the movie-

“Of course.” (add a little eye-rolling and you’ve got it down)

“Doesn’t anybody ever die?!” (whispers with the volume turned up)

“Really?” (that’s bleeding sarcasm.)

And a few wow’s here and there.

Let me explain to you our reasoning.

The story starts out with a quote on the screen, don’t exactly remember what it is, but it was kind of cool. Then, we heard something like this: “Long ago, in a place far, far away…”

Hence the “Seriously?!”

All in all, very corny movie. I won’t ruin it for you. Just be prepared that if you see it, be ready for a bunch of the corniest lines you’ll ever hear. But then again, it is Disney. 😛

I realized how horrible an actor Gemma Arterton is today. I was holding out for her after Clash of the Titans, but then I realized that her acting is limited. She is now stereotyped- the heroine wanting to kill the main guy at first, then wanting to kiss him, then kill him again, and then fall in love with him. SO CLICHE!

Good plot, good effects.


4 thoughts on “Poking Put-Downs at Prince of Persia

  1. C says:

    I thought it was an awesome movie, though you made good points. 🙂

  2. Dan says:

    I thought it was a fun video game, but we’ll shall see the funness of the movie.

    • Dan says:

      and don’t worry about ruining the plot for me, I think I can hazard a guess. Great plot with good character arcs, boiled down to tired themes and cliches 😛

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