My Hypothetical Plan for the Summer

I have a mental movie in my head of how my summer is going to turn out. Though I’m probably not going to be lounging on any beaches with movie stars, I’ll  have my own version of an awesome summer.

1. I’m going to be busy. Robotics, summer school, Space Camp, more Robotics, a trip around the state, and getting ready to go to the Big House, man!!! (High School)

2.  I will paint at least one picture with watercolors or oil paints under the shade of my tree in my front yard with a messy bun in my hair, baggy clothes and a cool subject to portray.

3. Bring on the purple! I’ve grown a fondness of purple lately, but I only have one purple article of clothing. At all! So I’m thinking about hitting some local shops for my “purple spree”.

4. I want rock hard abs. I’m determined. No more sitting around waiting for them to just appear on my stomach. I’m gonna work!

5. Get some kodak moments on camera for once. I want to document this summer for some reason. I feel like it’s going to be a good one.

6. Do some more chalk drawings! My dad and I are ALL over that for the summer. Fourth of July is going to be AWESOME.

7. I’m thinking about going red. Or some other sunny color. No more boring hair!

8. Last, but not least, I want to play my music! I want to learn a few more guitar songs, then walk around the neighborhood jamming. My other goal is to learn tenor clef on the cello. Easy, right? 😉

My summer may not sound very interesting to you, but this is stuff I love to do. Keep your summer filled with stuff you love too.


4 thoughts on “My Hypothetical Plan for the Summer

  1. Dan says:

    Cool, my only plan is to write and hang out with other people haha.


  2. Sandra says:

    That sounds like a pretty awesome summer to me! As far as the music part of it goes, we’re doing that one TOGETHER! No doubt about it 🙂

  3. Marly says:

    That sounds like my kinda summer. Can I come too?

  4. […] all of this, my plan is to fulfill #2 on my Hypothetical Plan for the Summer list sometime in the next week! I’ve got everything I […]

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