Voila! She is.. FINITO!

Hey everybody! If you’d like to know how my dad and I spent our weekend, by all means, read on.

Well anyway, this weekend my dad and I decided that we were going to do a massive chalk mural. He went to the Crayola Cafe and got us some really bright colors, like reds, blacks, browns, and neons instead of the normal pastels. We wanted to utilize this array of colors, so we took about an hour on Saturday to figure out the picture we were finally going to replicate. We went through rockets, rainbows, landscapes, and many more, but we finally settled on this. Look familiar?

Well if it doesn’t, it should. (Did a post about soundtracks a while back…) Anyways, we spent about eight hours all together, both of us combined, in the hot sun with dry chalk and raw fingers from the constant blending on hard pavement… Here’s what it came out to look like.

I myself am pretttttty happy with this. We had a great time, but I don’t think I’ll be touching another piece of chalk for a week or two… 🙂

Yes, this was all with chalk. Yes, this was on a 4 by 8 slab of concrete. Yes, this was on my driveway… before the blasted rain.

Enjoy your weekends. Try this sometime. It’s pretty fun. JUST DON’T DO THIS WHEN IT’S GOING TO RAIN!


5 thoughts on “Voila! She is.. FINITO!

  1. Marly says:

    This is amazing! I wonder where you get all that talent? Can I have some of it?

  2. Sandra says:

    That is AMAZING! I LOVE it! It’s so close to the real thing! You can hardly see a difference!

  3. Paul Morales says:

    I continue to be moved by your love of life and your innate artistic skills on various levels. You are a singular gift.

  4. Luke Orr says:

    i could never do that

  5. Luke Orr says:

    don’t have the patients

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