A Sign of Spring…

This weekend, my family and I witnessed a bit of Spring’s magic. We could smell it from 10 feet away, see it from 50 feet away, hear it rustle in the breeze, and much, much more of this beautiful plant… the lilac bush. From our backyard, we can see a beautiful white lilac bush that smells like something you’d want in a perfume. It’s quite beautiful, and this is a shot that I got of it with my stepdad’s oh-so-expensively-nice camera.

A few hundred feet from there, there’s another massive lilac bush, but this time in the classic violet. I got a few shots of this as well.

This one tied in a bit more of the green leaves, and I really like the contrast of the light violet with the darker jade green.

I especially liked the one below because of the buds that haven’t yet bloomed. I don’t know what I like about the buds on the lilacs, but you can see that I did the same thing on the white one as well. My mom said that the bud that’s slightly opening on the top left kind of looks like the carnivorous plant on Little Shop of Horrors. I can picture it saying “Feed me Seymour!”.

I took a few more photos along the way, but those will be put up later if I have a story to tell with them. Hope you enjoyed these; enjoy your spring too!


2 thoughts on “A Sign of Spring…

  1. Sandra says:

    These pictures are so amazing! I love the one at the bottom with the closed buds. Spring hasn’t come as fast as a lot of people would have hoped, but now that it has there’s no other way to describe it besides BEAUTIFUL!! đŸ™‚

  2. Marly says:

    Do your talents ever end? These shots are amazing! Jeez, it is difficult being part of such a talented family. Keeps a person on her toes, I’ll tell you that!

    Love the pics and the descriptive language too.

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