The Art of CHALK!

I’ve recently figured out how to create value with regular sidewalk chalk (thanks Dad!). Really, all it takes is two strong fingers (that can take rubbing cement pretty hard) and different shades of a color. The reason I even decided to take this challenge on in the first place was because of an event that I’m hoping to do for my school. It’s called the Chalk Walk, a contest that has teams of four people on each that will create a chalk mural on a 4×8 slab of asphalt according to a given theme. Obviously, our art teachers have to choose the most “worthy” team to represent the school, so my team and I have been practicing our chalk art skills for the past few weeks. We have to do a mockup of our idea for our mural by this Friday, and we want it to be as good as possible. With that to motivate me and not to mention a gorgeous day, I went outside and started sketching a bit- with chalk.

I started with something I had been thinking about for a few days. I had been wondering if it were possible to get graded value with chalk. It seemed difficult, because one, asphalt is not an even surface for blending and shading, and two, chalk does not have a real spectrum of different shades with the same stick. But thanks to my dad, I was able to complete this task. He gave me the idea to use a few different shades of the same general color, but to use my fingers to blend the colors together on the cement. I created a simple blue sphere as my first piece of chalk art, as you can see here. I think it worked pretty well, so I wanted to continue!

Next, I decided to do a classic piece of art for large scale value. A fruit bowl! (Once again Dad, thanks for the suggestion!) This is what I ended up with.

I think it turned out pretty well, eh? I’ve been telling people that I am especially proud of those grapes. I used about three different hues of violet to create them, blending very carefully of course. Also, I might add that the bowl caused me a bit of heartache to get the perfect shade of beige/brown. I didn’t have a brown, so I used yellow, dark green, orange, pink, and a little bit of gray to create the color that you see here. Big transformation!

I had a ton of fun with this Saturday afternoon project, and I hope that the next time you draw with chalk that you try a little bit of value. You’ll be happy with the end results! And of course, don’t forget to sign your work of art. Can you see my sig there in the corner?


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