A look on what this is…

The picture you see above is called a Wordle, which is a website that takes a cluster of words that are used in a URL that you insert or that you insert in the text box yourself. Obviously, I entered the URL for Musical Muffins and Flying to the Moon. These are the words that I’ve used the most in my posts. It’s really interesting for me to see because some of the words I hadn’t even realized that I used… something to think about I guess.

I got this from Namely Marly, a website that talks about your identity and how your name can change your life. The author has a post that includes a Wordle as well, and I highly recommend checking both out. 🙂


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4 thoughts on “A look on what this is…

  1. Sam! says:

    Heyyy what is the URL for that Wordle site?

  2. Marly says:

    This is way too cool. I think I could spend all day on that site. Check out the gallery – I posted a wordle on the Robert Frost Poem!

  3. aditty says:

    the url is http://www.wordle.net 🙂

    I love the Robert Frost wordle!! that is too cool!!!

  4. […] year in February I did a post about a website called “Wordle“. You can either paste in a bunch of text, insert a URL, […]

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