I Became Inspired

About two days ago, I got the spontaneous urge to listen to scores from various movies, such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Trek, The Dark Knight, Up, Spider Man, and Harry Potter. Of course, this was brought on by the Golden Globes (to my dismay).

For a while I have been paying attention to the composers of different movie scores. I’ve noticed that I prefer a handful of composers, such as Hans Zimmer (Pirates of the Caribbean, the Dark Knight), Michael Giachinno (Up, Star Trek) John Williams (Harry Potter 1,2,& 3) and many others. So naturally, when I saw the Golden Globes “Best Soundtrack” section and the candidates, I was drawn in.

The candidates were Marvin Hamlisch for The Informant!, James Horner for Avatar, Abel Korzeniowski for A Single Man, Karen O and Carter Burwell for Where The Wild Things Are, and Michael Giachinno for Up. I had a slight dilemma between James Horner and Michael Giachinno, probably because Avatar was simply spectacular, but Michael Giachinno is my favorite movie composer (because of his amazing work). But I made my choice and awaited the results. Alas, I was… right! Up was awarded the best soundtrack of 2009. From there, I felt that I had an obligation to at least get the main theme from it… which I did, but not without a few extras (from different movies).

So, as a result, I am more hooked to classical music (specifically scores from movies) than I have ever been before. It makes me want to conduct and to continue my cello playing for as long as I can. I would most definitely recommend it, because it broadens your musical horizon and it opens up your mind to endless possibilities in my opinion.

To those of you who enjoy beautiful sus chords- I would recommend “Carl Goes Up” by Michael Giachinno, around two minutes into it. Simply gorgeous.

Enjoy, music lovers. Listen, music appreciate-ers. Hear, music acquaintances. Introduce yourself, music foes.

You won’t regret it.


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5 thoughts on “I Became Inspired

  1. Marly says:

    I agree! That Up theme song is so moving, but I like the way you describe it even better. I’ll listen to Up any time with ya!

  2. Amelia says:

    Ya know Aditty? You’re so AWESOME and AMAZING! I admire your hard work and focus. You love the cello with a passion! Ctm:D Ahhhh…good times. You’re also a good writer. I don’t even know how you come up with things such as “Enjoy, music lovers. Listen music appreciate-ers. Hear, music acquaintances. Introduce yourself, music foes.” Jeez girl! How do you come up with such deep thoughts??? But as you point out in this post, I do love the score from all those movies.

  3. aditty says:

    Thank you! You’re quite the beast at the viola yourself….:)
    I don’t know where that came from either, but it came! XD I guess my inspiration comes from the music itself, you know? But I bet you could write totally better than that! You’re quite amazing, if you haven’t noticed:)

    Luv ya chica!


  4. David L says:

    Good post.

    You might all enjoy this epic movie music blog post as well:


  5. […] if it doesn’t, it should. (Did a post about soundtracks a while back…) Anyways, we spent about eight hours all together, both of us combined, in the […]

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