Surprisingly, We’re Back

First day back from break… surprisingly. We were scheduled to come back today, but because of the cold weather, I had my hopes set high for no school for one…last…day. Unfortunately, my hopes were not high enough. Even though all the school districts around us were closed today, and over 90 schools total, we were probably the only district in the county that didn’t close. But there was a bit of rhyme and reason to it… I guess. 🙂

As you probably know, there will be yet another storm tomorrow, so the superintendent used logic to figure that we could at least get two days in (today and tomorrow) and then take Thursday and Friday off. The only disadvantage- the Winter Dance is on Friday. I mean, it would match the theme if we had snow on the ground, right? And -35 degree windchill in short dresses….? (Maybe not)

Luckily though, it will be rescheduled for NEXT week if it is canceled this week. Gee Whilikers this is a lot of fun!


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