Had the most interesting experience…

Today I celebrated Christmas with my mom’s side of the family. It was a Mexican theme… yum! So my Grandma has a pot from Mexico from my great Uncle and it has a bunch of tropical fruit in it. I could identify one kind, and that was oranges. The other: a maroon colored, round fruit that was heavy and had a little round opening at the top like the on a vase. What is this strange fruit, do you ask?

It’s called a Pomegranate.

The taste that resides in a pomegranate kernel is not only described by the sweetness. You must include the tiny explosion of juiciness that comes when you bite into one of these slightly enlarged, maroon versions of a corn kernel. Add a small crunchiness in the center, and you’ve almost got a pomegranate. I would describe it as tasting like a sweeter version of a cranberry, so to say. But that’s not the best part.

You see, to get any of these kernels from the pomegranate itself, you must use a process called “shucking” (I know guys, sounds weird). You peel the outer shell off, and deseed the fruit itself. That is what I found to be the most interesting part of a pomegranate. In fact, I found that taking each individual kernel off is almost as addictive as popping bubble wrap. I loved it so much that when my mom, my aunt and my grandmother were contemplating what to do with an extra one, I immediately asked if we could take it home. And so, we have a pomegranate in our residence. I can’t wait for lunch tomorrow!



2 thoughts on “Had the most interesting experience…

  1. Marly says:

    You can do all the deshucking and I’ll be happy to eat the kernels!

  2. […] process of retrieving the seeds out of a pomegranate to be relaxing, if not a tad bit compulsive (She wrote about pomegranates on her site too). We compared it to popping bubble wrap; you just don’t want to stop once you get started. […]

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