Punch it!

Watching the Star Trek movie…. again! I think it’s one of my favorites… and probably one of the best of all time. It is awesome, hilarious, and really nerdy all at the same time. Even though I am an avid space lover and guru, one of my favorite lines from the movie is “space is disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence”, which is said by Bones (Dr. Leonard McCoy) after enlisting in Star Fleet, which just happens to operate in space (this line is preceded by a bunch of other insults and facts about the conditions of space).


And now! (I’m watching this while writing) Bones is getting Kirk on to the Enterprise by giving him a vaccine that will give him symptoms of a disease, so while Kirk is figuring out the plot of the Romulan starship, Bones is injecting him with sedatives in his neck about every five minutes that give him even MORE symptoms that are even more hilarious than each previous, so Kirk is like yelling “stop it!” with a numb tongue while trying to explain to Uhura everything he figured out and it is cracking me up!

And of course, there’s Chekov with his Russian accent. It makes me laugh at how hard he tries!

That took me a long time to write, but I will sum up that I’m at the part where they’re skydiving into the Vulcan atmosphere to the Romulan platform where they’re blasting a hole into Vulcan’s core to make a black hole that will consume the planet. Man, I love this movie!

I don’t think that there is really any bad aspect to this movie. Equipped with a kick butt soundtrack written by Michael Giachinno, stunning graphics, great actors, planetary consultants from NASA to help with imagery, and SO much more, I don’t think you could ask for a better movie for a space geek.

And don’t forget Spock! Without Spock this would not be a movie.


p.s. Robotics guys- Remember? As Nero would say: “I Want Spock dead NOW!”

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3 thoughts on “Punch it!

  1. aditty says:

    Sorry about the cruddy formatting on this one, guys. I tried!


  2. Autumn says:

    Hey its your cousin this is the best movie ever besides pride and prejudice (with keira knightly :D) which I happen to be watchin right now 😀

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