This has been a kick butt weekend dude! Party with my people on Friday, went shopping and saw the crazy amazing new movie Avatar with some kick tush anamation that will change my outlook on Pixar for the rest of my life, and today I cleared my mind, went out to lunch and got a free meal, gave my leftovers to a homeless guy, and then performed in a KCYS (kansas city youth symphony) performance that was probably the best yet. Sound good to you? What about yours?

4 thoughts on “Spectaculah

  1. David says:

    dang Adee, you did a whole mess of stuff. Avatar was pixar??? they did a really good job I’ll kill you if you don’t get it when it comes out in blueray. jk jk. but maybe. just a thought 🙂

  2. Adee says:

    It wasn’t pixar, and since avatar was so freaking’ amazing I won’t ever look at pixar the same cuz twentieth century fox and james cameron completely outdid them! (though it took them forevah) but I still am an avid pixar fan… don’t get me wrong.

    about the blu-ray, we decided half-way through the movie that we’re going to get it! there’s no doubt in my mind! (and I’ll have you all over to watch it in crazy amazing quality compared to that crappy screen at the movie theatre…)


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