End with a bang.

People moving, a concert that made me sweat, dressing up for maybe the second time this year, and having thirteen minute classes is my idea of ending the semester on a good note (except for the people moving thing, we’ll miss you Christian!). What about you?


4 thoughts on “End with a bang.

  1. David says:

    I thought the party waz a good way to end things! to bad it had to end 😦

    now that I think about it, its probaly a good thing that we left, don’t think there’d be much of a house left. (sorry ’bout all the “beer” bottles left around the house)

  2. Kora Xzandra says:

    ya know.. i didnt get to hug u at the end of the day… tisk… tisk…
    just remember… i love you even MORE than ur bf might! haha(:
    love ya lots(:

  3. aditty says:

    omg i is soo sorry bout that! i owe u one when we get back… love you girl!!!

  4. aditty says:

    haha david thank you for sparing my house! I kind of like having a place to live… lol!


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