Home Again, Home Again

Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 1.49.58 PMI’ve just gotten back from a weekend at MMEA, or the Missouri Music Educators Association Conference. Earlier this year, I auditioned and was accepted to play for the Missouri All-State Orchestra. It was such an honor to be there. I made new friends, had an incredible musical experience with great players and phenomenal conductors/educators, and learned that I have the ability to follow my dream. Playing from 7 in the morning to midnight every day taught me that I CAN do it. It’s tough, but possible.

With the All-State Orchestra, I played Shostakovitch’s Festive Overture, a commissioned piece called “Seven Happy Years” by Steve Melilo, and Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition. We played two of three pieces with antiphonal brass, which brought the house down. There were a thousand people in the audience and not one said that they couldn’t hear the finale. Wow.

I also played with the Youth Symphony of Kansas City’s Symphony Orchestra at MMEA as well. We played a fantastic concert with a repertoire list of Glinka’s Russlan and Ludmilla, Liszt’s Les Preludes, and Copland’s Hoe-Down. I had such an incredible time!

Here is my message to everyone: Don’t ever think you can’t do something. Just keep working as hard as you can, and truly, good things will come. I can now say that from experience.

p.s. I also went to courtwarming the second I got home from MMEA. Kind of a let down after such a great experience, but I had a killer dress. Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 1.50.29 PM


Happy Birthday, America.

 Well I must say, I’m not the biggest fan of America’s birthday. Noisy, dangerous, expensive… and not to mention hot! But thank god I cut my hair earlier this summer, it has been my saving grace in the heat. You’d be surprised by the amount that you sweat because of your hair. You only truly realize it when you don’t have it anymore. But tonight I enjoyed festivities with friends, fireworks, and food. We topped the night off at the party with blowing up a watermelon. I got a request for a picture of my short hair, which was very sweet. It’s right up there! ^ Enjoy:) I hops everyone’s 4th of July was great. Happy birthday, America!

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That Wasn’t Me

On my first day of work, the radio was on a local station that tends to play pop music. Well, I heard two of the family’s favorite artists in a row! That was quite the surprise. The first was the Indigo Girls, my mom’s favorite, and then Brandi Carlile came on, the family favorite. Man, if I could play cello like she can use her voice… dang. Anyways, I heard one of her new songs called “That Wasn’t Me”, and I’ve been hooked ever since. It’s beautiful. She’s got such power in her voice. I think she’s just an all-around beautiful woman too. If you’re looking for some new listenings, it’s on her new album “Bear Creek”.


a year in the life

I can’t believe that last week, my littlest sister turned five. Five?! No. Way. Just… no way. She starts kindergarten in the fall. When I look back on life five years ago, it amazes me to see the differences. I’ll tell you one thing I know for sure- life with this little girl is so much sweeter. 



I Was Missing the Warm Season

I woke up yesterday morning from a dream about riding a bike in a sun dress to the farmer’s market. I’ve been sleeping upstairs as of last week, for the time being of course, but it’s a bright yellow room. My mind tricked me into thinking that it was spring or summer… the light flooded the room, it was warm under the covers… then I came back to reality. It’s February, genius.

Nonetheless, I knew I had to satisfy my craving for the freshness of summer. So I went in the kitchen and made myself a fresh, delicious sandwich!


-sourdough bread, 4 slices

-1/2 avocado, sliced

-1/4 large red bell pepper, sliced

-4 slices vegan turkey

-2 slices Follow Your Heart vegan mozzarella cheese

-2 tablespoons caramelized onions

-greens to taste


It’s actually summer now that I finally get around to publishing this. But my meals haven’t changed all that much- they’ve consisted of a lot of fresh veggies and yummy bread. Can’t wait to share more of my hodgepodge meals!


My yellow boombox purse

My yellow boombox purse by ads1204
My yellow boombox purse, a photo by ads1204 on Flickr.

I recently found my old favorite ourselves that never left my side. my canvas cloth, yellow, boombox bag that could fit a pair of shoes AND every notebook I owned in it. I guess you could say I miss it a little bit. It marks a fun time in my life.

Long Day


We’re halfway through! Robotics is going great. Week 1 has been extremely productive so far. I have a good feeling about this season.


Jet Contrail

Jet contrail by ads1204
Jet contrail, a photo by ads1204 on Flickr.

Not much else to report on today, so I thought I’d make it short and sweet with my picture of the day. I thought this was a beautiful jet contrail against such a blue sky. Wish you could have seen it like I saw it.

A Campus and a Symphony

Today was a hectic day. But interestingly enough- it was pretty laid back. Does that make sense? Probably not.

Woke up late this morning, but still managed to get endless compliments on how I looked. Spent all day at school, then stayed even longer by going up to the robotics shop to organize drill bits. THEN I went up to the other end of the school for a District Orchestra rehearsal, which lasted from 4:30 to 7:00PM. We’re playing awesome music.

I added it up: I spent a total of 11 hours and 15 minutes on my school campus this fine Thursday.

I’m not complaining! I swear. Just… observing. I love being so involved. But I may find school to be home for the next few months. 😉 Don’t we all wish we could live at school?

Picture of the day:

This is what made that annoying noise you heard at midnight on New Year’s Eve. But it’s pretty isn’t it? Something sparkly.


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Here We Go Again

I kinda wanna be more than friends…. great song. Gotta love Neon Trees.

This weekend is the kickoff for FRC Robotics teams. We’re all so excited to see what the game is. Today was also the first day back to school after a nice busy but relaxing holiday break. I realized that by waking up this morning, I’m throwing my life into a rapid whirlwind of chaos and business. I’m ready for it though. At least I think I am. Robotics every day, school every day, homework every day… and a lot of not so everyday things thrown in there too. Cello will be stressful this semester as well. Everything important comes now.

I’m determined to come out of this semester with confidence, an unweighted GPA of 4.0, a letter in Robotics, a I at districts, a I at state, and a better sense of who I am. Maybe even some extra money! I recently applied for a job at the local pizza place in our town. It’s called Waldo Pizza. There’s only two of them, one in Waldo and one here in Lee’s Summit. I think it’ll be a fun job, if I get it of course, and one that’ll teach me some skills and discipline.

With that money, I want to pay for a few big things. First and foremost: Space Camp. That’s more important to me than anything that I’m paying for. I only have a few more opportunities to experience that, so it’s important to me that it comes first. Once that’s all accounted for, I’d really like a Jeep Wrangler. A fun first car I think. With that I’ll obviously have to pay for gas and possibly insurance. I’d also like a new bow. If I get this job, and start paying for everything else, I think I’ll treat myself to a brand new bow that will last me through my high school years. Put I’m putting some parameters on whether I get it or not- if I get a I at state for solo and ensemble, then I’ll get it. I’ve worked hard on my piece this year. When I get it perfected, I’ll be sure to post a sound clip or vid of it so I can be proud of my accomplishments.

The picture I posted is my desk with all of my crap all over it. I like it though. I feel like it’s my space. When I’m home, I’ll be one of four places. The kitchen, the dining room, my desk, or my bed. There’s also a picture of my bed. And my favorite pillow. When you send me your prayers for my sanity, wish for me to be comfy in my bed snuggling with that pretty pillow. That’s heaven for the next 4 months.


Wish me luck on the craziest semester I’ve yet to experience.


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